About STP

STP Risk Services, LLC, along with our brands Micro Insurance and NoQuibbles™, follow the concept of straight through processing to create transactional insurance products for the sharing economy, GIG economy, and for our own micro insurance products. Our services and products are for platform and tech lead national and global businesses.

We are a young business, yet we have years of experience in developing innovative insurance products and processes. The founders first met in 1999 developing business in the USA and lead the way with cyber insurance at this early stage of both the internet and insuring internet issues. Innovation in insurance needs a deep knowledge of insurance and technology to get anything done. STP has bucket loads of both, this knowledge enables change to happen and for us to support our clients fully through the program building process. We bring Insurance with an API.

Straight through processing increases efficiency, decreases pricing and enables global processes to be implemented speeding everything up. STP represents a process in which limited information is given into a distribution channel, technology is deployed and insurance products are developed and priced to suit the ‘new’ businesses of today.

As we grow, putting in place client lead global programs, we will use this low-cost product infrastructure to expand and create social good. We will lead new initiatives in Micro Insurance in developing communities. In conjunction with non-profits in the Micro Lending sphere, we will offer continued economic sophistication to those ready for the next step: Insurance.

Finally, and in some ways most importantly, we have developed our NoQuibbles™ process. Most insurance that people buy does not end up in a claim, which is a good thing, and is the bed rock of the insurance model. However, when a claim is made then this often leads to protracted issues and claims process leading to a bad feeling, and this contaminates the whole of the industry. We are changing this with our NoQuibbles™ process in which we build products with easy claims built in.